Public Vaping Etiquette

pexels-photo-25251What was largely a very novel act to see is becoming more and more accepted as a norm. Yes, that norm is vaping. And with the growing popularity of vaping, public vaping on the rise. Just as smoking has it’s own moral standards and social etiquette in the public arena, the less environmentally harmful act of vaping has it’s own set of recommended, unwritten rules that are respectful and recommended for vaping enthusiasts to follow.


Although the clouds of vapor smoke are very different to the chemical affect of cigarette smoke in the environment, vaping can create thick, dense clouds (if purposefully made by the person) that can be obnoxious. Be aware of those around you, blow away from people, towards the ground, or lessen the clouded billows that you create in public.


Similarly, vaping around people who are eating can be extremely annoying and distracting – especially when the flavors of your e-liquid are intense in smell. Opt for vaping before or after meals in the public setting.


Vaping around children, no matter the circumstance, or how open the environment is, should be avoided. Vaping can easily be mistaken for smoking warranting some complaints from nearby families and also possibly providing the model of this behavior for children, who may find the sweet smelling e-liquid smoke as a tantalizing pull to try vaping, or even smoking for themselves. Even though vaping is less harmful than smoking, Nicotine is still a drug, and still never ok for children to be around, let alone try.


Also – even if you enjoy the taste of your vape, be aware that the strong scent that the clouds can often create may not be so pleasant for others. Be conscious that what you may enjoy, others in the environment may very much be repelled by. These are just a few instances of public vaping that you may want to assess next time your reach for your e-cigg in a social situation or public area.


Visit a local vape store where you can learn more about vape etiquette and pick up all the materials you need.