The Vaping Argument: Is Vaping Really Pulling Teens Toward Smoking?

f4d582c8-1049-41eb-9005-a226333fb200Contention has arisen around whether vaping is a gateway to smoking as vaping is being slammed in the U.S media, in particular. This is creating a healthcare crisis for American youth, and also youth around the world, who are unwilling tools which will contribute to cigarette smoking addiction of all ages. Some research has gone so far to say that it is not evident that vaping is an effective form of smokers quitting – which directly contends against the growing reason as to why people opt to switch to vaping, to support their smoking tapering and quitting efforts. This has created a split between those for and against vaping. Legislation is even being pushed by those against, stating that vaping should be regulated just as regular cigarettes are. The argument for vaping is that research suggests the very opposite of these claims, in that smoking rates have seen a continued decline over the years, with 2016 being a year of reported percentage drops for high school and middle school student smokers.


There is evidence in both directions, however the mounting evidence detailing the minimal health affects of vaping compared to smoking points in favor  of vaping. Based off growing evidence that vaping is healthy, safe, and not a gateway for students, the practice should not be viewed and legislated as normal cigarette smoking. Some evidence even points to e-cigarettes reducing 95% of the health dangers associated with smoking, in that the cancer-causing chemicals are ingested from smoke, whereas vape devices completely bypass this occurrence.


It is evident that both sides of the camp continue to argue whether vaping really is a tool for the youth to latch on to which eventually leads them to smoking – this can seem logical. Though with even more growing evidence pointing to vaping being a healthier substitute, and also with the current rates of decline in youth smokers (even with vaping on the rise) does give an indication that perhaps these public health fears are unwarranted.


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